2019 CDP Scores & Supply Chain Average Ranking for The Plastek Group
The Plastek Group

The Plastek Group has received the official report and is pleased to announce this year’s CDP Rating Scores.

The 2019 scores reflect the reporting year, for which 2018 responses and data submissions were evaluated.

Plastek Industries Inc. is categorized within the Plastic Product Manufacturing activity group under the CDP, and has participated in this disclosure project actively for at least 4 years. To interpret our true carbon footprint, The data disclosed to and evaluated by the CDP, includes relevant information from all our subsidiaries, including The Plastek Group in the USA, Plastek de Mexico, Plastek do Brazil and Plastek UK LTD.

Participating in the CDP, provides progressive tracking and feedback amongst three categories, which are important in understanding how our practices and initiatives contribute to reducing our carbon footprint and impact on preserving the environment.

Receiving rating scores in the categories of Supplier Engagement, Climate Change, and Water Security, shows our performance and status, setting bench markers and comparisons with industry peers in the like activity group, (Plastic Product Manufacturing.)

Supplier Engagement: Plastek Industries Inc received an A- which is in the Leadership band and among 31% of companies that reached this level in the same activity group. This is higher than the North America regional average of C, and higher than the Plastic Product Manufacturing sector average of C-. 2019 resulted in an improvement for Plastek, from achieving the management level in 2018 with a B.

Climate Change: Plastek Industries Inc received a B which is in the Management band and amongst 56% of companies that reached this level in the same activity group. This is higher than the North American regional average of C, and higher than the Plastic Product Manufacturing sector average of C. 2019, Plastek maintained this status, but also improved from a B- score from 2018.

Water Security: Plastek Industries Inc has maintained and received a C, 2017-2019, which is in the Awareness band. This is lower than the North America regional average of B- and lower than the Plastic product manufacturing sector average of B.

Several best practices over the years have helped us progress from Disclosure (transparent) level of knowledge to, Awareness, to Management and Leadership level. Some Examples of this best practice and proactive approach that have taken place at several divisions of The Plastek Group are : Manufacturing with all electric machinery, controlling temperatures of the cooling & water systems, installing energy efficient zoned lighting, and light-weighting and thin-walling packaging design.

Continuing to participate and disclose with the CDP, not only maintaining, but improving our ratings is important to The Plastek Group. We do business with the desire to be a responsible and ethical manufacturer within the polymer industry. We are motivated to reflect on and implement beneficial initiatives. We are thankful to be a part of and have the useful resource of the Carbon Disclosure Group and consultants. Using a sound environmental management system like the CDP, helps us meet the partnership criteria of our customers.


Press Release – For Immediate Release- The Plastek Group- Nichole Freeman- 2-12-2020


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