Plastek do Brazil

An American company founded in the 50’s whose expertise is in the injection of plastic parts to serve mainly the cosmetic, hygiene and cleaning, food and pharmaceutical markets.

Our products include conventional lids, flip-top and push pull, roll-on packaging and stick for deodorants, injected pots, among others.

The Plastek Group
Rod. Eng.Ermenio de Oliveira Penteado
s/n – Km 58,2 – SP 75
13337-300 Indaiatuba – SP – Brazil


– Opened May 2000
– Over 280,000 square feet of facilities
– Climate Controlled Environment
– 60 Injection Molding & Blow Molding machines
– Single Face Tools
– Stacked Tools
– 2-Shot Molding
– High Speed Assembly


Plastek maintains the most aggressive Continuous Improvement Program in the plastics industry.

The molds produced by Plastek Tooling and its affiliates are recognized as the best in the Plastic Injection Industry.

All experience in injection-blow, stack molds, assembly lines and cap / spout closures is passed on to Brazilian employees through a training program held at our US sites.

Plastek uses injection equipment equipped with real-time closed-loop monitoring. These machines are in an air-conditioned production room with refrigerated, dehumidified and filtered air, which ensures stable and optimal production conditions for 24 hours.

To this end, it has state-of-the-art equipment that operates in a climate controlled environment with positive pressure and pressure, within the strictest Good Manufacturing Practice standards.

Injection molding machines ranging from 150 to 500 Ton closing pressure are available. Double injection and injection-blow-molding technologies are also available, enabling Plastek to supply items made from two different materials or two colors, as well as packaging for the pharmaceutical industry.

A fully dedicated packaging assembly and decoration industry with high-speed, high-performance equipment ensures that the packages are delivered to customers ready and packed to the required specifications.


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The Plastek Group is addressing Influenza and Coronavirus (COVID-19) and as part of its preparation plan effective Monday March 2, 2020 and lasting at least 90 days, we will screen all visitors and contractors.

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