Where You Start Doesn’t Have To Be Where You End. Injection Molding Company Making Strides Toward the Future.

We all work together at Plastek, there is no “I” in our team. If you have a weak link that you cast off, is your team still a team? Perhaps, but not the same team. Is more to be gained by strengthening the weakest link, as opposed to replacing or eliminating it? We believe there is!

Specializing in services of Industrial Design, Product and Package Development, Mold Design and Build, and Injection Molding, we’re a collaboration of individuals working together.

We asked ourselves how to grow & best strength our team. At The Plastek Group, we accomplish this through successful training.

Plastek can provide a path for any level career seeker, from entry level to management positions. Plastek’s future relies on our community’s talent pool and we’re inspired to offer personal development and continuous education. Incorporating on-the-job and employer paid training, we support a means to a path for any level occupational goal an employee seeks.

With advancement comes flexibility, sustainability, and career success. We are proud to recognize two examples of personal development at The Plastek Group.

Tom Hartline, started his entry level employment with Plastek and within 6 months moved up. Tom’s growth was building with advancement, accepting the opportunity to participate in the Tool & Die Apprenticeship, as the third person to complete this Plastek program. Tom identified Dennis Prischak as a mentor, when working with him as a tooling engineer. Seeing how Dennis treated people and customers, he watched how he handled whatever situations came his way. Tom’s experience, trade skills, and character prepared him for his future today, as General Manager of Penn Erie Tool Division since 2001. Tim Dzurik shows how a dream points you in a direction, but personal development can shape one’s future. Tim graduated from Penn State Behrend with a bachelor’s in Plastics Engineering Technology and began his employment with Plastek as an intern, rotating through several positions leading to a full-time position as a mold designer. Tim is now a corporate package development engineer. “Product design was always my focus and I advanced in it at Plastek by shadowing others, working hard and learning the necessary software to show that I could handle multiple projects at once. “If training is offered, always take it, try to learn anything that will allow you to work smarter and faster.”

Since 2018, 12 different on-site training courses were provided working with accredited organizations such as, RJG, GSPC/Paulson, Family Business Institute of Loyola University, and more.

Approximately 260 employees have been enrolled in at least 1 course. Of these courses, 255 personal assessments have been completed, and 204 individual certifications have been awarded.

We are proud to announce our success with two of our most recent initiatives – RJG and GSPC. Due to our successful training program, we were honored with the RJG, Inc. 2019 Training Excellence Award on October 4th, and have since certified 12 employees as RJG Master Molders. Upon the recent creation of a Plastek Group specific program assessment, we also have 29 technical employees certified in GSPC.

Within our sites of operation in the U.S., we have a projected goal for 2020 to run 19 more technical training courses and certify 90 additional employees.

Plastek, a manufacturer of plastics packaging for consumer products, is committed to educating individuals on local career opportunities available in their community. Our business services, combined with our employee development, provide the highest integrity and quality from The Plastek Group into the future.

The Plastek Group- Nichole Freeman- 12-12-2019


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