Electric Power On

Electric Power On- Plastek’s Machine Upgrade Program.

When the power came on at Plastek in 1956 it began our start in the plastics industry. Fast forward to today and the power is still on at Plastek but, better than ever.

With the evolution of best practices, power is directly influencing the capacity and ability to supply a source of strength to the plastics industry.

Continuing to power on at Plastek, we asked ourselves, how can we do better?
Electrical power.

A part of our mission has always been. “to apply the most modern, and latest in technology to ensure the continuous improvement of product, people, safety and community.” We believe embracing and applying the advanced technology of electric hybrid injection molding machinery, will support our continued efforts to live up to this mission, and we are pleased to share our plan to do so.

In partnering with the CDP and Ecovadis, Sedexo and Penelec, annual evaluations of recorded data, have proven to be an aide in recognizing the environmental impact that our business has on Global Sustainability. Working together with machine manufacturers, on the long term benefits of running hybrid or all electric machines, it was decided that an upgrade was in order, replacing many of our existing hydraulic presses.

Our group currently has over 400 Injection Molding Machines operating amongst all of Plastek’s manufacturing divisions, IN 2017 the purchase and use of new Roboshot presses took place, followed by the start of movement in 2018.

The Plastek Group mentioned a 5 year plan to replace a large portion of the current fleet of machines by the year 2023. Above and beyond the fleet upgrade plan, as new business is awarded and new projects require additional equipment. Plastek will purchase these new machines as applicable.
Starting off with the first deliveries in May 2019 three U.S. manufacturing sites, installed 8 Hybrid and 14 Electric Injection Molding Machines. By June 2019 a total of 23 replacements have been completed.
Frank Blackman, Plastek’s corporate facilities engineer says, “It’s a wise investment, and a proactive one. A significant action of commitment.” Proud to offer our vaiety of services to the plastics industry, and bettering our resources for our customers, Plastek is dedicated to giving back with a purpose.
This investment will contribute towards Global Environmental Sustainability improvements thanks to many features of Hybrid and Electric units. To list a few: Reduce Carbon Footprint, Less Energy & Water Consuption, Less Hydraulic Oil Usage, Less Waste and Overall Cleanliness.

With the modern technology, these machines will operate in an energy saving manner, as they only draw power when a function is taking place vs. an all hydraulic machine where it is always running to support the pumps. While a hybrid unit still has the need for hydraulics, they still provide a means to save on energy and water consumption, as the injection unit uses a smaller reservoir of oil, in turn using less oil and with a power pack, again, only drawing power when a function takes place.

While Plastek makes a conscious effort to address multiple aread of sustainability, the upgrades being made to our fleet of machines is one area that we are proud to announce. It will have a positive impact on the environment now and in the future.

In 2020, Plastek looks forward to continuing to serve our customers with the most updated technology providing them the highest quality product on the market.

Electric Power On- Plastek’s Machine Upgrade Program.

Press Release – For Immediate Release- The Plastek Group- Nichole Freeman- 1-17-2020


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