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The concept of a separate automation division for Plastek became a prospect in September 2016 when Gabriel Prischak was asked by his grandfather, Joseph Prischak, to develop a toothpaste cap automation prototype. Gabe worked closely with Tony Cardoso and a designer at Triangle Tool, (TTD division of The Plastek Group) to bring this idea to life. Based upon the success of their work, Pioneer Automation Division (PAD) came fully to fruition in 2017 after Gabe spent three rigorous months clearing out old equipment and molds being housed at 1504 Harper Drive, Erie, Pennsylvania. Gabe worked diligently to make space, clean, and build furniture to establish a useable working environment. He was able to get PAD up and running to bring over Tony Cardoso and Chris Lee to begin working on the vision they had to provide automation and other support, to all of The Plastek Group’s operations, in the U.S. and internationally (U.K., MX, BR.)

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Gabriel has a long history learning and working at Plastek’s various divisions, but he began his full-time career in 2009 at Plastek’s Spectrum Molding Division (SMD,) working in various departments such as the tool room, processing, QA, scheduling, and maintenance/automation. He then moved around to Plastek’s Engineered Products Division (EPD,) and Penn-Erie Division (PED,) where he completed his tool & mold making apprenticeship. This apprenticeship along with his business degree from Gannon University and his various roles at many of the divisions, prepared him to eventually become the effective and innovative General Manager of Pioneer Automation Division that he is today. Additionally, in 2022, he recently added the title of Corporate Automation Procurement Specialist to his repertoire of duties here at The Plastek Group.

Over the last five years PAD has grown exponentially. Within due time, came projects such as cap closing machines, fixturing for quality, building end of arm tools, semi-automatic fixturing for assembly, packaging cells, blockers, and controllers. Recently, PAD has also successfully built a top entry robot, and are currently building two more of these robots. The team does a great deal of work in researching and designing new prototypes to stay ahead of the rapidly advancing technology field, and molding robotics.

The goal of PAD as a whole is to support Plastek’s automation needs while ensuring they stay competitive in the automation market and continue to develop new and efficient technology for safe and quality production. Automation technology can only continue to advance, it is the future, and our group is passionate for innovation.

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