Reducing Plastics Consumption
Reducing Plastics Consumption:

Today Plastek processes more than 15,000,000 lbs./yr. of recycled, post-consumer resin (PCR) in the US, UK, and BR.

In addition to our involvement with IRG and using PCR, we also work hard on reducing the amount of plastic, or light-weighting, used in our customers packaging. One project at our Hamlet Manufacturing Division (HMD), in North Carolina, is one example where we will reduce pla stics consumption by more than 5,000,000 lbs./yr. when completed, hopefully in 2023. These and other efforts, including purchasing new electric or hybrid molding machines, are all examples of The Plastek Group’s seriousness and dedication to sustainability and our environment. You can be sure we will continue working hard on these and other projects in the future.


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