Environmental Impact

Environmental Impact

Environmental Statement:

To operate our plants and facilities in a manner that protects, and preserves the environment and the safety and health of our employees and the public.

We will comply with applicable laws and regulations at all government levels.

We will conserve national resources and we will continue to invest to better the environment for future generations.

Two key issues motivate Plastek’s Environmental Policy:

1. The desire to be a responsible, ethical manufacturer within the polymer industry

2. A sound environmental management to helps us meet the partnership criteria of our customers.

Indeed, a proactive approach to environmental issues can even bring efficiencies from which we and our customers can benefit.

Specific examples of our proactive approach to environmental issues include:

Innovative designs supporting light-weighting and thin-walling.

Molding production with post consumer resin (PCR) material.

All waste is sorted and, where possible recycled.

We have installed energy efficient ‘zoned’ lighting.

Manufacturing with all electric machinery.

We control the temperature of the fans on our cooling towers and water systems.

Our compressed air is operated via a closed loop energy management programmable controller.

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