Injection Molding

Plastek utilizes the latest in hot runner technology to reduce cycle time and eliminate material waste.

Multi-Shot machines 90 Tons – 950 Tons

Chilled Water System to cool molds

Multiple robots for part removal

High cavitation single face and stack molds

All electric molding machines

High performance molding machines

Blow Molding

The company has extensive experience in blow molding small medical and single-serve vials, bottles and containers used for a variety of health care, pharmaceutical products and different types of container for Cosmetics.

Blow molding presses range from 15 to 85 tons


Plastek’s experience of assembling plastic packaging is second to none in the industry. We can provide high volume assembly in a variety of shapes and sizes.

• High Speed Assembly

• 100% Auto Inspections at lines

• Hot Glue Assembly

• Sonic Welding Assembly


Plastek can take care of your product decorating needs with the same attention to quality that surrounds every service that we provide.

• Pressure Sensitive Labeling

• Silk Screen Decorating

• 3 Colors Using Environmentally Friendly ink

• Hot Stamp

• Foil seal lining

• Pad printing

• High speed label wrapping

Cell Manufacturing

Plastek is also an industry leader in employing cell-manufacturing techniques to further reduce labor costs while maintaining consistent quality and production rates.

• Improved Material Flow

• Reduces Setup Time

• Increases Efficiency

• Automation of Machines, Robots, Conveyers, & Packaging Machines


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