Engineering/Mold Making

Engineering Team

The Plastek engineering team collaborates with customers to integrate part drawings, mock-ups, and technical specifications with molding production parameters. Detailed images of package concepts are developed, and prototype, tooling is built from 3-D CAD models for sample runs.

Mold Design

Our Product/Tool Design Staff offers creative solutions in package shape, design and function, with an emphasis placed on design for manufacturing.

– In-House design of tooling.
– 12 Mold Designers.
– ProEngineer.(3D Mold & Product Design)
– Autocad Mechanical Desktop.
– Mold Flow. /Mold Cool
-Proper Document Control

Package Design For Manufacturing

Customer Package Development

Manufacturing Engineering

-Identify proper equipment for all phase of project
-Manufactring feasibility study
-Review for available capacity
-Quote tooling as necessary

Package Development

-Customer driven package development including all interior mechanism, seals, and fils from customer concepts
-Review package design with manufacturing engineer
-Mechanical adjustments as necessary
-Finalize package for SLA/rapid proto-type pilot tool

Tool Design Engineering

-Carry out mold flow/cool/wrap
-Finalize necessary package refinements
(artwork, logo, ID, etc…)
-Design mold and conduct design review meetings
-Coordinate all engineering
-Documentation and Procedures
– Keep all engineering and product drawings up to date


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