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Batteries are a product that many consumers struggle to store, making battery casing and storage containers a big seller. These storage solutions offer an organized way to store batteries that protects them and makes them easy to access. Plastic components are also a critical element for safety, as these parts support shock absorption and grounding.

Battery casing and handling solutions play an essential role in many industry segments, including:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive / Recreational (ATV/UTV) Vehicles
  • Electronics
  • Energy Storage
  • Military Defense
  • Others
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How to Choose Battery Storage Packaging: 4 Things to Consider

When deciding what type of storage system you would like to create, consider the following:

  1. Storage Best Practices: Batteries are sensitive products that can corrode when stored improperly. Your battery housing must factor in the best storage practices to support battery longevity. General factors to keep in mind are protecting the batteries from moisture and ensuring they are stored in a flat and stable location.
  2. Battery Type: Understanding what type of batteries you want your storage container to carry will guide the design. The packaging is more straightforward if you want uniform storage for one type of battery. Storing multiple battery types will require different-sized sections.
  3. Size: Consider what type of storage your consumers are searching for. Do they want a large stock of batteries to keep at home, or are they looking for something more portable? Answering this question can help you determine what size your storage system should be.
  4. Features: Your battery storage system can have a plastic lid that latches into place, carrying handles, or wall-mounting pieces on the back. These features relate to user experience. Think about what features will make your storage containers most appealing to your buyers.
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The Plastek Group began as a tool-making company in 1956 and has since become a world-class manufacturer of plastic packaging across many industries. With our team of experienced engineers and designers, we’re able to research, design, and develop turnkey packaging solutions that address your needs.

For the past several decades, we’ve developed our facilities to meet the global demand for our products. We have locations around the world equipped with leading technology to support high-quality packaging products. As a family-owned business, we take pride in our solutions and focus on delivering products that meet your unique demands.

Additionally, we maintain a sustainability mission in procurement and production to make our operation healthier for the environment.

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The Plastek Group collaborates with your team to create custom packaging solutions. If you’re looking to design battery storage packaging, we’re happy to take on the project. Request a quote today for more information.