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Plastic Skin Care Containers

Manufacturers of skin care products choose high-quality rigid plastic containers for the many benefits they offer over other packaging designs, including strength, durability, and cost-efficiency. Plastic is a versatile solution that protects against exposure to harmful elements like moisture, air, and light. In addition, premium-grade plastic materials like polypropylene are lightweight and easy to ship, offering even more cost savings during transport and handling.

The Plastek Group designs and manufactures a comprehensive selection of containers and packaging components for skin care products, from plastic bottles and jars to tubes and pumps. We can produce containers for skin care in various sizes and materials to meet your specifications. Besides matching you with a practical stock design, our designers can customize a tailor-made container solution for your unique product requirements.

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Choosing the Most Effective Packaging Design for Skin Care Products

Manufacturers of skin care products typically consider multiple factors when selecting an optimal container solution. Several critical elements include:

  • Product Consistency: Containers should be appropriate for the product’s texture and consistency. Jars or squeeze tubes work well for thicker products like creams or butter, while pump bottles are better suited for thinner liquid products.
  • Protection: Some skin care products require sufficient protection against harmful elements, like light, moisture, or air. Jars with double-wall designs feature two walls to deliver added protection.
  • Convenience: Convenience and ease of use are critical for products consumed in more substantial amounts and higher frequencies. Pumps, flip-top caps, and wide-mouth jars offer users controlled dispensing.
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Benefits of Choosing Plastek for Your Unique Skin Care Packaging Needs

The Plastek Group has pioneered the rigid plastic packaging industry since 1956. Our dedication to innovation, superior product quality, and exceptional customer service allow us to stand out from companies offering similar products and services. Our design and development team is committed to helping customers find the most durable, practical, and cost-effective solutions for their unique applications. You can trust that our representatives will keep you informed throughout each cycle of your order, from prototyping to final delivery.

Despite being a global supplier, our family-owned roots and emphasis on customer service enable us to extend the prompt and courteous attention that each customer expects from the Plastek name. In addition, our dedication to green initiatives and sustainability is evidence of our obligation to promote a healthier and more environmentally friendly planet.

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Whether you need plastic cream containers, wholesale lotion bottles with a pump, or some other packaging design, Plastek can accommodate your needs. Our knowledgeable and experienced specialists can analyze your application and help you choose an optimal solution for your specific skin care product. Contact us online today to get started.