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The construction industry is a massive sector that must keep up with growing demand every year. Plastic has become an increasingly popular material in this industry as it’s more cost-effective, durable, and versatile than wood. With The Plastek Group, you can create custom plastic building materials for various construction projects.

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How to Choose the Best Building and Construction Plastics for Your Application

Different plastics have different qualities. When using this material in construction, it’s essential to pay attention to these qualities to find the right material for your applications. Considerations include:

  • Building Codes: Only select plastics meet building code requirements for bearing weight. If you intend to use plastic components for plumbing, electrical, and other structural elements, choosing plastic that aligns with these standards is essential.
  • Light Resistance: Many plastics are UV-resistant and will not fade in sunlight, but this doesn’t apply to all types of plastic. For outdoor applications, use a UV-resistant plastic like HDPE.
  • Flexibility: Different plastics offer various capabilities for construction applications. For example, HVAC plastics need to withstand hot and cold temperatures. The right plastic selection can ensure longevity for your application.
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In 1956, The Plastek Group began as a tool-making company. Since our humble beginnings, we’ve become a world-class designer and manufacturer of plastic products in major industries. We’ve developed our global presence with facilities around the globe, including South America and the UK, to meet your needs wherever you are. Our facilities feature leading technologies to support production efficiency and high-quality manufacturing.

With our dedicated team of engineers and designers, we’re able to produce turnkey products for your construction demands. We’re committed to the research and development process to bring you product designs that address your requirements. We deliver precision products that align with our designs through extensive quality control measures.

As a family-owned business, we take great pride in the products we produce. Our commitment to the design process, alongside our sustainability mission, makes our team an excellent choice for your custom plastic products.

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The Plastek Group is a leader in designing innovative solutions for a range of applications. We can partner with your team to create valuable plastic materials for electrical, HVAC, plumbing, and more. Request a quote today for more information.