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Container caps offer a reliable seal and are most commonly used for food and beverage products where freshness is a priority.

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Types of Container Caps

89mm Container Cap Dimensions

The simple design of container caps works seamlessly with various packaging options. We offer two stock options:


  • 89mm Cap: Our 89mm cap is 0.64 inches tall and features threads that conform to SPI standards for 400 finish closures.

110m Container Cap Dimensions

  • 110mm Cap: The larger 110mm cap is 0.69 inches tall. This cap design also has threads that align with SPI standards for 400 finish closures.


Our container caps are injection molded with high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and FDA-approved resin for a smooth finish. A ribbed circumference improves user experience, and is available in stock natural, white, and black. We can also create custom colors if required.

The standard cap design comes without a liner, but we can include one upon request. Material options may include foam, foil, and heat induction seals.

The Plastek Group

How to Choose Container Caps for Your Application

When selecting a container cap for your packaging project, consider the following:

  • Container Design: Our stock container cap designs come in two sizes, and your packaging opening needs to align with these sizes. Think about your product and the opening size that will be most ideal for your consumers. Will they scoop the product out of the container? Will they pick out individual pieces? These questions can help you determine the right direction for your packaging design.
  • Consumer Needs: Knowing who will use your product most will affect your cap choice. Is your product geared more toward minimal portion sizes, or individuals with a smaller hand grip? If so, our smaller lid may be a better option.
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Why Choose The Plastek Group?

Since 1956, The Plastek Group has been a leader and innovator. We began in tool manufacturing and have since adapted our services to include mold designing and building, injection molding, and specialty injection molding, including blow and stretch blow. Our plastics converting services continues to work for products across industries, and our capabilities have made us trusted partners for operations around the globe.

As a family-owned company, we take pride in the plastic packaging we produce. Our stock designs are one way we meet your unique product demands, and our custom design process goes further to achieve your ideal packaging product. With our team of experts and commitment to quality control, we’re a manufacturer you can count on.

In addition, our commitment to sustainable practices supports your company’s larger mission to improve sustainability in your supply chain.

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