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Pet care and livestock care products encompass a wide range of items and supplies designed to ensure the health, well-being, and proper management of domestic animals. These products are essential for the overall care, comfort, and hygiene of pets and livestock.

With The Plastek Group, brand name vendors can create custom packaging, and rigid plastic components for various domestic animal related care or accessory items. As a result, our clients have an inventory of manufactured finished goods to supply to retail outlets for consumer purchase.

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Common Categories of Domestic Animal Care Products

Where rigid plastic components and packaging are often imperative to a products overall design and purpose.

Pet Care Products:

  • Food and Nutrition: High-quality pet food, including soft kibble, canned food, and nutritional supplements for various life stages and dietary needs.
  • Grooming Supplies: Brushes, combs, shampoos, conditioners, nail clippers, and other grooming tools for maintaining a pet’s coat, skin, and overall hygiene.
  • Health and Wellness: Products such as flea and tick preventatives, heartworm preventatives, dental care items, vitamins, and first-aid supplies for addressing common health issues.
  • Pet Hygiene: Litter boxes, litter, waste disposal, pet wipes, and cleaning products for maintaining a clean and odor-free environment.
  • Toys and Enrichment: Toys, puzzles, and interactive games to keep pets mentally and physically stimulated.
  • Training Aids: Training collars, leashes, clickers, and treats used for obedience and behavior training.
  • Identification and Safety: Collars, and ID tags to help identify and keep pets safe.

Livestock Care Products:

  • Feed and Supplements: Livestock feed, hay, grains, and mineral supplements tailored to the specific dietary needs of different types of livestock.
  • Healthcare Products: Vaccines, medications, and dewormers to prevent and treat illnesses and parasites in livestock.
  • Grooming and Care Tools: Brushes, clippers, hoof trimmers, and shearing equipment used for grooming and maintaining the health of livestock.
  • Milking Equipment: Dairy farms often require specialized milking machines, udder sanitizers, and milk storage containers.
  • Breeding and Reproductive Aids: Artificial insemination tools, pregnancy testing kits, and equipment for managing breeding programs.How to Choose Pet Care Containers
The Plastek Group

How to Choose Pet Care Containers

When selecting pet care packaging, consider the following:

  • Size: Determine how much of your product is necessary to be valuable to your consumers. For example, products like cat litter and dog food are used frequently. In these cases, large packaging sizes will be beneficial. In contrast, pet stain removal or medications can be sold in smaller packages, since they’re used in smaller quantities.
  • Customer Expectations: Many consumers prefer premium pet care products to support their pets’ health. While the premium nature of these products comes from the quality of the ingredients, your packaging can also convey a high-end feel. Your design choices and shapes can help to communicate this message. For example, a large canister of dog food with a twist-off lid will feel more premium than a plastic bag of food.
  • Nature of the Product: Understanding the nature of your product can help you choose packaging that best reflects the product’s needs. For example, dry food is prone to getting stale when exposed to air, so an airtight, resealable package is a must. Alternatively, liquid products, like pet shampoos or cleaning products, are best used with pump bottles and spray nozzles.
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Choose Plastek for Pet Product Packaging

The Plastek Group is a global leader in plastic packaging across industries. In 1956, we began as a tool-making company and have since developed our capabilities to create turnkey plastic packaging. Our research and development process empowers us to create custom products that meet your industry demands.

We have locations around the globe to serve your needs efficiently in North, Central, and South America. With our location in the UK, we also serve Europe. Our facilities feature industry-leading technology to deliver precision manufacturing. With extensive quality control procedures, we align with project specifications completely.

Plastek is a family-owned business dedicated to your operation’s success. In partnership with our team, you gain quality products and attentive customer service. We also commit to sustainability values to remain environmentally responsible in the work we do.

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The Plastek Group offers various packaging solutions that can elevate your pet care products. Request a quote today to learn more.