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Beverage companies often face the challenge of creating packaging that stands out from competitors. While the packaging types for beverage products are seemingly limited, the right design team can create something innovative for your product to make a statement on the shelves, and in consumer experiences. The Plastek Group is a global leader in packaging design. Collaborate with our team to design unique beverage packaging.

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How to Choose Plastic Beverage Containers

When creating beverage packaging, the main three factors to consider are:

  • Shape: Bottles and jugs have shape versatility that can help you change the feel of your product. While shape can influence how consumers view your product, it can also affect user experience. For example, bottles with more rounded shapes can seem more ergonomic and easier to hold, while square bottles might seem more modern or unique.
  • Size: Consider how much of your beverage consumers want to buy. While it’s common to sell larger bottles of soda and water, these beverages can also be sold as single 16-ounce bottles. Wellness shots have also grown in popularity, and these beverages require small 2-ounce bottles.
  • Branding: Packaging speaks to your brand messaging. When you’re designing a plastic beverage container, think about how factors like consumer trends, convenience, sustainability, and branding will influence the design. For example, ask yourself if it is important to design with these features in mind: Safe & Tamper Evident, Portability, Compact, all-in-one, or recyclable if not reusable.
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Choose Plastek for Your Beverage Packaging Solutions

In 1956, Plastek began as a tool-making company to help operations create custom products with turnkey tools. We’ve since developed our approach to turnkey services with engineering and design for plastic packaging. As a global leader in this space, we have experience working with a wide range of products across industries.

We have locations around the world to serve your needs and efficiently deliver your custom products. Each facility is stocked with the leading technology to drive precision in the manufacturing process. With our team of experienced engineers and designers, we can bring a range of plastic beverage containers to life.

The Plastek Group is family-owned, and we take pride in the work we do. Our values set us apart. While we commit to delivering great products with extensive quality control processes, we also keep sustainability at the forefront. Partner with our team today to create custom packaging solutions.

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The Plastek Group wants to make your brand stand out with innovative beverage packaging. Through our research and development process, we can discover many possibilities for your beverage container design. Request a quote today to tell us more about your project.