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The home and outdoor sector is full of products that can benefit from plastic packaging and components. Plastic products are excellent for this industry because they’re cost-effective and survive in all types of conditions. At The Plastek Group, we collaborate with brand name vendors to manufacture custom designed plastic parts and rigid packaging. Our vendor clients supply retail outlets where target consumers can purchase their brand name finished products.

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How to Choose Plastic Products for Home and Outdoor

When creating plastic products, consider the following:

  • Budget: When sourcing custom plastic products for home and outdoor use, you’ll want to think about how your budget will impact your product’s design. Higher budgets often support thicker plastics with greater durability. For example, seedling containers can be thin and easy to crush, or you can invest in a more rigid plastic that consumers can reuse.
  • Nature of the Product: Consider how your packaging or plastic product design will affect the overall nature of the product. For instance, fertilizer spreaders rely on various small parts to function. While you need the hopper to be rigid for holding the fertilizer, parts like seals may benefit from a more flexible plastic.
  • Size: Products like spray bottles and seedling packaging have size requirements that will vary based on your consumers’ needs. A spray bottle designed to be portable, for example, will need to be smaller than a product stored at home.
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The Plastek Group began in 1956 as a tool-making company. Through decades of experience, we’ve expanded our capabilities to create custom plastic products for a wide range of industries. We offer a dedicated team of researchers, engineers, and designers who can bring your turnkey products to life through a series of advanced production processes.

As a global leader in custom plastic products, we have locations worldwide to support efficient delivery to your operation. Our facilities feature industry-leading technology to provide advanced production capabilities for custom products. With thorough quality control processes, we ensure the precision of every product we complete.

The Plastek Group is a family-owned business that is committed to sustainability and strives to help your operation grow. We take pride in our work and offer strong attention to detail to deliver the plastic products you’re searching for.

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The Plastek Group has an extensive research and development process to determine which design approach is best for your product needs. In partnership with our team, you can get the turnkey products required for your operation in the home and outdoor industry. Contact us today to tell us more about your product requirements.