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The food industry requires extensive packaging solutions to suit the wide range of products available. Food manufacturers need packaging to be safe and protect items from spoiling. Packaging solutions can also help these products stand out on the shelves. The Plastek Group can help your company create innovative packaging for a range of products.

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How to Choose Food Packaging

Choosing the right food packaging for your products requires a few considerations. Think about the following factors:

  • Nature of the Product: Understanding the nature of your product helps identify which packaging will work best for your consumers. For example, spreadable products like butter or cream cheese need containers with wide mouths, making it easy to scrape with a butter knife.
  • Size: How much of a product does your consumer want? For instance, a buyer likely wants larger sizes for ice cream than they would for sour cream. You might also factor in the cost of the product, portion sizes appropriate for timely consumer consumption vs. shelf life, and what packaging style will make the food item more accessible. These facts are why products like caviar are often sold in smaller jars.
  • Shape: Customers store food items in cabinets and refrigerators, and the shape factors into this part of user experience. Consider how well packaging will store with a given shape. Will it fit easily in a fridge or freezer? You can also think about shape in terms of branding. Different shapes convey various messages, and you can use these options to align with your brand.
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Choose Plastek As Your Food Packaging Manufacturer

The Plastek Group has been in business since 1956, when it began as a tool-making company. Since our inception, we’ve developed our capabilities to create turnkey plastic packaging for various industries. As a global leader in this field, we have locations around the world to serve your needs.

Our facilities are equipped with leading technology to support precision in our production processes. Our experienced team of engineers and designers collaborates with you to understand your packaging requirements, and our manufacturing facilities bring the products to life.

With extensive quality control processes, we ensure the accuracy of every project. We also maintain sustainability values in procurement and manufacturing to support a greener environment. As a family-owned company, we take pride in our work as a long-term partner in packaging production.

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Plastek will help you create innovative packaging through a comprehensive research and development process. Through our discoveries, we can design packaging with an excellent user experience and that aligns with your brand. Request a quote today to tell us more about your project needs.