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Lip care is a product category in health and beauty that has a diverse set of packaging requirements. The packaging must support easy application while protecting the product from damage. The Plastek Group can help your company create custom packaging for lip care products that aligns with your brand.

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How to Choose Lip Balm Packaging Solutions

When choosing lip product packaging, consider these three factors:

  1. Size: Generally, lip products come in smaller packaging sizes, but different types of products may require more or less. For instance, a lip balm might suit larger sizes since it’s a product often used multiple times a day.
  2. Application: Different types of lip products require distinct types of application. Twist-up sticks will not offer much precision unless the product is shaped correctly, like the bullet shape of many lipsticks. In contrast, squeeze tubes offer no accuracy and are more suitable for product application by finger, for example ointments targeted toward a hydrating moisturizer lip care product.
  3. Branding: Packaging can communicate your brand messaging based on colors, shapes, and other design features. While designing your packaging, think about the message you wish to share with your consumers. Is your brand modern and forward-thinking? Perhaps your lip product packaging is long and sleek. Do you use all-natural materials? You might want a rounded jar to create that organic feel.
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The Plastek Group began as a tool-making company in 1956. For the past several decades, we’ve developed our capabilities to create custom plastic packaging for a range of industries. Our research and development have empowered us to become a global leader in this space.

We have six locations across three continents to provide our services where it’s most convenient for you. Every facility features leading technology to ensure precision and efficiency for your project. With our team of experienced engineers and designers, we’re able to complete your packaging project from start to finish.

As a family-owned company, we take pride in our work. We believe in quality production and sustainable procurement to deliver the highest-quality product possible. With our extensive quality control processes, we are a long-term partner for your packaging needs.

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The Plastek Group applies a comprehensive research and development process to explore packaging solutions for your lip care products. Our attentive approach to design ensures you have a product that satisfies your consumers. Request a quote today to tell us more about your needs.