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Aerosol cans are sensitive, even to the smallest specks of dust. That’s why spray can products need dust cover caps. These packaging pieces keep small dust particles out of the valve, so the cans continue to function. Plus, these caps prevent unwanted sprays as products move through warehouses and ship to stores. Common industries for this type of packaging include personal care and beauty, home care, and construction products.

The Plastek Group

Types of Dust Cover Caps

Dust cover cap dimensions

The Plastek Group offers one stock dust cover cap that’s suitable for aerosol cans needing a 214 Neck-in-Hook (NIH) cap. These 214 caps have a 2.788-inch diameter and measure 2.15 inches tall. We offer this cap design in stock natural, white, and black. We can also work with your team to develop a custom color based on your branding.

All stock dust cover caps are made from polypropylene and feature a standard NIH design along the opening. This design allows for easy push and pull action from applying and removing the cap. A snap signifies that the cap is firmly in place.

Our aerosol can caps work for a wide range of industries. Personal care and beauty products like shaving creams and hairspray often use this cap type. Home care items like disinfectants, surface cleaners, and air fresheners also need these caps. In construction, spray paint uses these caps.

Dust cover cap dimensions

The Plastek Group

How to Choose Dust Cover Caps for Your Application

When selecting a dust cover cap for your product, consider the following:

  • Product Type: Dust cover caps are designed specifically for spray cans. If your product cannot be aerosolized or sold in a spray can, dust cover caps are not the right packaging solution for your needs. Non-spray liquid products may benefit from another cap type, like our flip-top closures.
  • Branding: Consider how the color of your dust cap will interact with the spray can design and your branding. Our stock colors complement many color palettes, and custom colors can be an excellent way to create a distinctive product on the shelf. Choose a cap color that aligns with your branding or reflects the nature of the product, like colors that match spray paint.
  • Ideal Customer: Your ideal customer for a specific product may impact the color scheme and design of your NIH cap. For example, personal care products geared toward women may need a cap in bright or pastel colors, while black or a neutral tone may be better for a product marketed toward men.
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The Plastek Group is a family-owned business that has operated since 1956. We take great pride in the products we design and manufacture because they represent who we are and what we stand for — quality plastic packaging. While our business began as a tool manufacturing company, we’ve since developed our skills to offer a wide range of packaging and components.

Our capabilities include mold designing and building, injection molding, and specialty injection molding techniques, like blow and stretch blow. We can create stock designs that suit a variety of product needs. Our attention to detail and drive for innovative designs means our stock design selection is always growing.

Beyond stock designs, we create custom packaging solutions as unique as your products. We collaborate with your team to understand your goals and create designs that align with your product and brand. We also help companies pursue green initiatives thanks to our commitment to sustainable practices.

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