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Customized E-Commerce Product Design

E-commerce is a booming industry with incredible profitability potential, and incorporating sustainable packaging to better protect your goods is key to ensuring you capitalize on this popularity. Experts anticipate market revenues to grow to $3.647 trillion in 2024, so high-quality packaging is even more important as your products undergo the rigors of storage, shipping, handling, and transport in the rugged operating environment.

The Plastek Group is ready to help as a trusted source of custom packaging design capable of meeting these unique demands.

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The Plastek Group

5 Design Tips for Creating Sustainable E-Commerce Packaging

The following design tips can help you develop the ideal packaging solution for your e-commerce products.

As with any industry, packaging design and manufacturing has its own language. This vernacular can sometimes present challenges for someone unfamiliar with commonly used terms. It’s best to learn some of the fundamental jargon, and our recent webinar is an excellent starting place for exploration.

An effective design must offer robust protection against product- and chain-specific risks. Evaluate the potential risks in your distribution chain to determine what measures you should safeguard against. For example, consider leakage prevention for liquid goods. Similarly, vulnerable areas may need protection against breakage with crumple zones to absorb any impacts during shipping and delivery.

Your packaging forms a significant part of your cost of goods sold, which directly impacts your bottom line. Choose materials that are plentiful, easy to source, and economical. Doing so helps you keep products moving, offer more affordable prices, and protect your profitability. You can partner with experienced suppliers to identify your options, such as repurposed plastic resins.

Online retail giants like Amazon adhere to various strict packaging frameworks, so you’ll want your packaging design to pass the required tests and achieve certification to sell on these popular platforms.

First article testing is a viable solution for confidence in your packaging’s performance. These services help validate your concept by:

  • Confirming the solution’s specification compliance for weight, size, and shape.
  • Ensuring your packaging has the necessary protection features and that their placement is accurate.
  • Establishing your manufacturing partner has the required capabilities and correct processes for full-scale production.

Collaborating with an experienced packaging manufacturer for a customized solution delivers tangible value. Industry veterans like Plastek can guide you through the process, from research to concept development, prototyping, and model presentation. These strategic business partners help ensure your packaging provides the proper aesthetics, fit, function, and performance for your specific needs. Their expertise also enables waste reduction, greener practices, and higher customer satisfaction.

The Plastek Group Difference

E-commerce companies worldwide choose Plastek as their packaging manufacturer for many reasons, including our:

  • Comprehensive Expertise: Our in-house teams leverage innovation and collective expertise spanning multiple disciplines to deliver in-depth knowledge at every project phase.
  • Advanced Technology: We use the latest software programs and equipment for concept development, research, design review, modeling, and prototyping.
  • Consistent Communication: At Plastek, we value communication as a tool for collaboration. This commitment spans both our teams and your stakeholders from concept to mass implementation.
  • Sustainability Commitment: Our family-owned company takes our corporate responsibilities to the environment seriously. We embrace and implement a dedication to sustainable business practices.
  • Personalized Attention: When you work with us, you benefit from a dedicated customer service representative and project manager who provide individualized service.
  • Industry Diversification: We have extensive experience across numerous industries. This wide-reaching expertise gives us a deep knowledge base in packaging solutions for multiple e-commerce offerings.

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No two products are alike, so no two approaches to sustainable e-commerce packaging should be one-size-fits-all, either. The Plastek Group has the skills and resources to turn your ideas into realities with a fully bespoke design. Our custom-designed services ensure your company receives precisely the right solution to meet its needs for product protection throughout the supply and distribution chain. Let’s discuss your packaging needs and how we can help. Connect with a specialist online, or request a quote today.