Mold Design and Manufacturing

Developing concepts that provide a robust, reliable and high-quality supply chain.
The Plastek Group

Engineering Team

Our experienced and knowledgeable cross-functional group of engineers cover multiple disciplines to ensure we provide the most comprehensive results. We implement a collaborative approach when partnering with our customers to develop innovative concepts that ensure a robust, reliable, and efficient supply chain.

Our engineers will bring these concepts to life by creating fully functional prototypes and production tooling processes. You can have confidence that the product we ultimately develop will provide the right solution for your business.

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Embracing the ideas and practice of implementing the latest innovation processes.
The Plastek Group

Mold Design

Mold design is a Plastek specialty. Our in-house team implements the most advanced concepts and practices when creating custom products for your company’s needs. We tap into our diverse backgrounds and unparalleled expertise when creating molds that meet your specifications. We also utilize advanced software solutions to guide us through the process and enable us to make informed decisions:

  • Mold Flow/Mold Cool
  • AutoCAD Mechanical Desktop
  • Simulia Abaqus
  • Pro Engineer (3D Mold & Product Design)
  • Expertise Mold Designers

We’ve created a comprehensive document database to coordinate, organize, and secure all relevant engineering data and make it easily accessible to our engineering staff.

Providing objective evidence that all engineering, design and specification requirements, including process and manufacturing validation are understood, accounted for, verified, and documented.
The Plastek Group

First Article

At Plastek, we go to great lengths to ensure the high-cavitation molds and other products we create for our customers deliver the expected outcomes. We have developed a comprehensive First Article Process to ensure our production processes and methods create an acceptable item.

Our process encompasses a thorough review of all applicable documents, including drawings, purchase orders, and engineering specs. This information provides irrefutable evidence that all procedures are validated, understood, and verified.

Specific examples of what our First Article Process entails include a review of dimensional characteristics, such as size, shape, and feature locations. It can also involve various inspection and testing steps to verify the findings and provide more certainty.

With pride, Plastek contributes to the satisfactory development of customer specifications, with each step of the process.
The Plastek Group

Statement for First Article

Clear, effective communication is essential to ensure the success of the First Article Process and every other mold design and manufacturing aspect. It’s also necessary when establishing positive, enduring relationships with our customers.

Our First Article department makes every effort to keep the lines of communication open from start to finish. We also extend these lines to other areas of our company to ensure the satisfactory development of your project specifications during every phase. You’ll have direct access to a dedicated customer service representative and project manager, as well as our R&D team, tooling and engineering department, designers, and other critical personnel.

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When do We do First Article?

Our many value-added services, such as our First Article Process, provide reliable results in several situations. We’ll implement it when developing prototypes or samples or whenever there’s an alteration to an existing design. We also use it whenever there’s a change in manufacturing techniques or sources or an update to the inspection methods. A lapse in the production period also calls for First Article.



An accurate, effective First Article Process requires various equipment and machinery. At The Plastek Group, we utilize Chatillon, a Micro Vu Vision System, and a Mistral Brown and Sharpe CMM to ensure the most reliable results for every project, regardless of size, scope, or complexity.

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