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The aerospace industry is responsible for commercial airlines, military aircraft, and more. Operations in this industry regularly look for innovative ways to redesign aircraft systems, and plastic has become a popular material for many components. The Plastek Group can help you create plastic parts for your aircraft with our custom design process.

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How to Choose Aerospace Parts

Designing custom aerospace components requires high levels of attention to detail and precision. Some of the design considerations for aerospace parts manufacturing include:

  • Materials Selection: Material considerations for aerospace applications must be light weight, strong, and very durable. They must be able to withstand extreme temperature variations, and conditions.
  • Motion Control Design: Motion control design in aerospace systems must strive for precision while maintaining power-dense motions, and withstanding extreme conditions. Typical specifications require motors in aerospace systems to withstand extreme temperature ranges, while operating under severe shock and vibration conditions. All the while being designed to fit in a constrained space while maintaining high performance levels.
  • Commonality Across Models: Design considerations should strive for redundant componentry in an effort to control costs and aid operations with fleets that consist of multiple airplane models.
  • Environmental Considerations: Aerospace products must be designed to operate safely and reliably in extreme environments. Again, extreme temperature fluctuation, the potential of hazardous materials, and shock and vibration, are all variables to take into consideration.
  • Regulations: Aerospace products must be compliant with various government regulations such as those regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).
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Choose The Plastek Group as Your Aircraft Parts Manufacturer

The Plastek Group has brought turnkey solutions to companies across industries since 1956. While we have roots as a tool-making company, we’ve since expanded our capabilities to create turnkey plastic products. We’ve focused on packaging for many years, but our custom engineering extends to many other plastic products.

We are a global leader in custom plastic product development. With dedicated researchers, engineers, and designers, we collaborate with your team to develop a solution that reflects your needs. Plastek has locations around the globe to provide efficient service wherever you are. Every facility features leading technology to support advanced and precise production.

As a family-owned company, we take pride in every project, partnering with you to deliver turnkey plastic parts. Our commitment to sustainability and range of quality control procedures make us an excellent long-term partner for your plastic components.

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The Plastek Group is a leader in custom plastic parts. We can support the aerospace industry with a variety of innovative product solutions. Collaborate with our team to discover how you can improve your aircraft systems with plastic. Request a quote today for more information.