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Hair Care Containers and Packaging

Hair care manufacturers rely on plastic containers for their light weight and durability, helping protect the product from damage during transport and handling. These containers create a barrier against exposure to external factors affecting product quality, like air, light, and moisture. Because injection molding production processes maximize speed, efficiency, and accuracy, plastic containers are some of the most cost-effective and widely used packaging for hair care products.

The Plastek Group offers a comprehensive range of plastic containers, from some of the industry’s most common stock designs to customized solutions for your needs. Innovative features like flip-top closures and spray mechanisms help enhance distribution and application, offering consumers convenience and ease of use. We can produce hair care containers and packaging in various sizes and materials to meet your production requirements.

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Choosing an Optimal Hair Care Packaging Design

Manufacturers typically consider several factors when selecting the most practical container for hair products, especially when developing a new item unique to their brand. Several of these elements include:

  • Application: The amount of a product you need typically depends on the application and item type. For example, hair mists require spray bottles to disperse precise amounts, while shampoos are best suited for containers that distribute more liberal volumes.
  • Container Size: Larger containers are suitable for products used frequently or in sizable quantities, such as shampoo or conditioner. Smaller containers are preferable for products with a shorter life span or smaller application quantity.
  • Market Trends: Conducting market research and exploring current packaging trends is often helpful for gaining direction. Top hair care companies are known for using innovative packaging solutions that optimize their brand while maximizing consumer usability.
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Benefits of Partnering With The Plastek Group for Hair Product Packaging

Since 1956, Plastek has been a leader in designing and manufacturing practical and cost-effective plastic containers for hair care products and similar items. We leverage decades of design expertise, manufacturing knowledge, advanced equipment, and premium-grade materials to meet customer needs across a broad application range. Our package design and development team outshines competitors by continuously creating some of the industry’s most innovative packaging solutions.

Customer satisfaction has always been a cornerstone of Plastek’s success. We prioritize clear and transparent communication, keeping customers informed throughout each project phase, from design and prototyping to production and final delivery. Our team provides the individualized attention each customer deserves, regardless of project size. In addition, we’re committed to creating sustainable plastic packaging that minimizes our carbon footprint while supporting a healthier planet.

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If you want to learn more about how our plastic containers and other rigid packaging products can benefit your operation, the professionals at The Plastek Group can guide you. Containers for hair care products are only one example of the many packaging solutions we offer. Contact us online today with questions or to obtain additional product information.