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Plastic Caps and Closures Packaging

Caps and closures have a major impact on user experience, so picking the right one is essential. These parts must be produced with the utmost quality control to ensure they twist onto jars tightly and keep the product secure. At Plastek, our selection of cap designs offers the quality manufacturing your packaging needs.

Our plastic caps and closures are designed for our straight and round bottom jars. Choose a design that best fits your brand and the feel of your product.

The Plastek Group

Types of Plastic Jar Caps

Jar caps dimensions chart

The Plastek Group offers a wide range of stock cap designs to work with our straight and round bottom jars. These options include:

  • Classic: The classic cap offers the tallest height and includes a slight rounding along the top.
  • Straight Side: Our straight side caps are short in height with no rounding. This design can offer a contemporary feel for your jarred products. Our straight side caps have the widest size range of our stock cap designs.
  • Domed: The fully rounded corners of the domed jar add a more organic feel to your jar’s design. Pair the domed cap with the round jar for softness on all edges.
  • Domical: Our domical cap is the moderate option between the domed and straight side cap. The edges are slightly rounded.
The Plastek Group

How The Plastek Group Manufactures Jar Caps

Our team creates our plastic closures with an injection molding process. This technique allows us to create the precision grooves on the inside of the caps for twisting onto our jars. We manufacture all of our caps with polypropylene, and we can integrate a wide range of liners based on your preferences and product needs. The stock liner option is a standard foam.

Cap threads conform to SPI standards for 400 finish closures. Our standard color options are natural and white, but we can also work with custom colors at your request. Choose from custom hot stamping or silk screening for additional customization.

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Why Choose The Plastek Group?

The Plastek Group began as a tool making company in 1956. Since then, we’ve become experts in plastic packaging design and manufacturing. We specialize in a range of skills, including mold designing and building and various forms of injection molding.

Our abilities allow us to provide a series of stock designs for the key packaging types in personal care products, health and beauty, home care, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products, and food and beverage. We also provide custom packaging design services where we collaborate with your team to develop specialty solutions.

Our commitment to quality control has made us trusted long-term partners for companies worldwide. We take pride in our work and maintain sustainability values in our processes to support the longevity of our services.

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Plastek is a trusted partner in plastic packaging. With our stock cap designs, we provide an excellent range of options for your products. Request a quote today for more information, or get in touch with our team to learn more about our process.