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The health and beauty industry is a large, continually growing sector with a strong focus on packaging. While cosmetic companies want products that work well, the aesthetic value of their packaging often plays a role in how they attract new customers. With The Plastek Group, you can create unique makeup packaging that is easy to use and eye-catching on the shelves.

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How to Choose the Best Makeup Packaging for Your Application

Choosing the right health and beauty packaging involves a few key factors:

  • Nature of the product: Some health and beauty products may be light-sensitive, especially if they contain certain oils. If this is the case, you’ll want tinted or opaque packaging. Another consideration is the acidity of your cosmetic product. Ingredients like fruit extracts can increase the acidity and make products corrode certain materials. Plastic makeup containers are often the best choice in this instance.
  • Usability: A powder foundation is used and applied in a different way than a liquid foundation — this is usability. When thinking about your product, consider whether it needs to be squeezed, pumped, collected on a brush or used via another application method. Thinking about how a product is applied will influence the packaging type you choose.
  • Customer experience: While you have the freedom to get creative with plastic makeup containers, you should always consider the customer experience first. You want your packaging to be durable and easy to use, then you can consider creative design elements.
  • Sustainability: Many makeup users prefer to recycle or reuse empty makeup containers, making sustainability a key component to consider.
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The Plastek Group has been in plastic packaging design since 1956. As a world-class packaging manufacturer, we serve leading companies worldwide. Our team has expertise in research, design and development to deliver turnkey solutions for your applications. With the leading technology at our facilities and the pride we take in our work as a family-owned business, you can expect top-tier products from our team.

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The Plastek Group collaborates with you to develop packaging that fits your brand and supports the product’s usability. Explore our capabilities and take your health and beauty products to the next level.