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Round Base Jar Containers

Ideal for storing and displaying products such as cosmetics, food, and small household items, round base jars are a practical and attractive packaging option. Round base jars have rounded edges to provide a more organic feel to the packaging’s design. These jars are valuable in many industries, including personal care, health and beauty, and home care. Popular products for these jars include skin care products, cosmetics, and lip balms.

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Types of Round Base Jar Containers

Our round base jar designs include two options: Round base jars dimensions

  • Single Wall: Single wall round base jars work with a diverse range of products. Choose from polypropylene (PP), polystyrene (PS), or styrene acrylonitrile (SAN) resin material for your jar. Finishes include organic frost and smooth.
  • Double Wall: Round base double wall jars have an interior jar that holds the product, and an exterior jar that encases the inside layer. This design adds an extra layer of protection for products that need it. All interior jars are manufactured with polypropylene, and the exterior jars can use the same three plastic types as the single wall design. Finishes include in-mold frost, organic frost, and smooth.

Our stock round base jar designs also feature four complimentary cap designs:

  • Classic: Slight rounded top with straight sides.
  • Straight Side: Thinner height cap with straight sides and a flat top.
  • Domed: A flat top with fully rounded edges.
  • Domical: Half rounded corners for a design between straight side and domed.
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How to Choose Round Base Jar Containers for Your Application

Think about the following factors when selecting your jar design:

  • Product Requirements: Consider how sensitive your product is to the elements. If your product is sensitive to temperature changes or oxygen exposure, the double wall jar is the better option.
  • Branding: Our different cap designs and finishes can give your product a different feel. Think about what design elements reflect your brand to make your product recognizable to consumers.
  • Product Use: Product amount and frequency of use will help you determine what size jar your consumers need. For example, lip balms are used in smaller quantities, while body lotions are used in larger quantities.
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Why Choose The Plastek Group?

Since 1956, The Plastek Group has supported a range of companies with high-quality products. Our business began as a tool making company and has evolved into plastic packaging design and manufacturing. In the past several decades, we have become a trusted supplier for leading companies worldwide.

We have a large selection of stock designs to suit your packaging requirements. In addition to these stock designs, we offer custom packaging services to help your company create a unique solution for your brand. Our team specializes in various techniques including mold designing and building, injection molding, injection blow molding, and injection stretch blow molding.

As a family-owned company, we take pride in our work. It’s this pride and attention to quality control that have made us a trusted long-term partner for many businesses. Additionally, we commit to sustainable practices for a healthier world.

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