Corporate Responsibilities

Plastek is serious about corporate responsibilities, especially in relation to the communities we work within (both business and geographical) and to the wider environment.

Corporate Social Responsibility is concerned with the way our company conducts its business, our ethics, our economics, social, and environmental impact, and our attitude to human rights.

We acknowledge our responsibilities to social partners, such as local communities, and our global responsibilities such as environmental protection and ensuring appropriate labor standards in overseas suppliers.

We are committed to providing an innovative and cost-effective World Class manufacturing service to ensure outstanding Customer Satisfaction based on the following principles.

Sustainable Living

Environmental Impact
Social Compliance
Wellness & Safety

Mission, Vision and Values GRI G4-56

Manufacturing Quality Products

Satisfied Employees and Customers

Increasing Motivation and Greater Productivity

Recognizing the human factor as the greater asset of the company

Transferring knowledge at all levels

Developing awareness of water and energy consumption in people

Waste Reduction

Inserting sustainability initiatives.


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