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Stick deodorant containers are among the most widely used plastic components by manufacturers of health and beauty products. These products come in compact, highly functional designs, providing consumers with a reliable and convenient solution for everyday use and travel. Each container has multiple components that ensure precise application and smooth distribution during use.

The Plastek Group offers stock stick container designs and tailor-made solutions to meet your product requirements. We can manufacture these containers in various sizes and styles, including oval or round shapes that propel or repel deodorant according to your needs.

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Identifying the Most Practical Empty Deodorant Container for Your Needs

At The Plastek Group, we can manufacture a plastic container to accommodate your requirements, whether you need a stock design or a custom solution. Our knowledgeable and experienced packaging design and development team can help you select the most practical and cost-effective option for your product.

Several factors to consider when choosing your container design include:

  • Application: Oval containers often provide a more ergonomic grip with a larger surface area, while round stick containers offer simplicity and ease of use. In addition, oval stick containers may appear sleek and modern, while round stick containers can give a classic, familiar look.
  • Container Size: When choosing the container size, deodorant manufacturers typically consider factors like average usage per application, recommended use per day, and the desired life span of the product. The container should also be a size that fits easily in the consumer’s hand with optimal usability.
  • Customized and Innovative Designs: While many of our stock designs feature standard natural and white colors, we offer customized colors to complement your company’s branding requirements. Some brands also introduce unique and innovative container designs to make their products stand out, incorporating features like ergonomic shapes, dual-compartment containers, or multifunctional packaging. Depending on the uniqueness and functionality of the design, these containers may garner added attention from consumers.
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Advantages of Partnering With The Plastek Group

Since 1956, Plastek has maintained a strong reputation across the industry for manufacturing knowledge and excellence. As a family-owned operation, we pride ourselves on our commitment to creating superior-quality products and practicing rigorous quality control measures to ensure our offerings meet the highest standards. From raw material selection to final inspection, we strive for precision and reliability in all plastic conversion operations.

Our emphasis on innovation, research, and development enables us to keep pace with technological advancements and offer cutting-edge solutions tailored to each customer’s needs. We believe in outstanding customer service, extending the personalized attention each customer deserves, regardless of company size. In addition, we distinguish ourselves through our dedication to sustainability, prioritizing environmentally friendly practices that help reduce waste and energy consumption.

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If you’re looking for a reliable deodorant container manufacturer capable of handling your production requirements, Plastek is the perfect choice. For decades, we have provided customers with the most practical, high-quality, and cost-effective solutions. Contact us today to request additional information about how our products can benefit your business.