The Rise and Importance of PCR Material 

Post-consumer recycled content, or PCR as it’s often referred to, has been increasingly used and talked about as an alternative to virgin plastics in the manufacturing of consumer packaging. By definition, PCR is any material made from the items that consumers most often recycle, like aluminum, plastic bottles, paper, and cardboard.

Benefits of PCR material include: 

  • Reduction of Waste: PCR packaging reduces the amount of waste that is going into a landfill and reduces the use of fossil fuels, which contributes to positive environmental impact. 
  • Sustainability Thresholds: Companies and organizations that have pledged to reduce or eliminate the use of virgin plastics in their manufacturing and packaging of products can meet goals with PCR material. The offset impact allows them to stay in plastic but realize the gains and targets. 
  • Consumer Awareness: Today’s consumers are more aware and informed of what is involved in the product they are purchasing. In some U.S. states, there are mandates for usage, labeling, and more. Brands that advertise their use of PCR material may be able to grow their audience and attract more conscientious buyers.

PCR: The Market and Demand 

According to the 2023 Packaging Compass collaborative report, done by PMMI Business Intelligence and AMERIPEN, the demand for PCR is far exceeding the supply for these materials. They surveyed 645 Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) stakeholders, and they concluded demand would not slow down but only significantly increase in need. The significant demand shows the U.S. lacks sufficient infrastructure to handle this demand, the report noted.   

The Plastek Group & PCR 

The Plastek Group has and continues to work independently and in partnership with our clients to be a trailblazer in the use and analysis of multiple alternative materials, including PCR. The Plastek Group processes and offers multiple options and packages with PCR material. Our commitment to PCR packaging options allows your business to remain at the forefront of market behaviors and meet internal environmental initiatives. 

One important note is quality control. Here are some issues that have to be addressed: 

  • Confirmation of clean, consistent streams of material.
  • Contamination from foreign material or mixed blends. 
  • Testing to see what amount works and what does not. 
  • Color matching the PCR material color quality with existing packaging “on the shelf.” 

Choose The Plastek Group for Post-Consumer Recycled Packaging

As the demand for PCR packaging continues to rise, your company needs to meet consumer demand. The Plastek Group offers a range of stock design options and custom product design and development capabilities to meet requirements and grow your consumer base. Contact us today for more information about PCR materials.